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Go wild for the ultimate in enviro-chic, no chemicals to buy, just a little pump to swish the water around. Enjoy a pool that blends beautifully into the landscape with your family or guests. We can easily convert your chlorine pool too.
Go on, take the plunge and experience the wonder of nature at eye level, darting dragonflies, dancing fireflies and fragrant water lilies.


A beautiful and peaceful former olive farm, nestled high up in the stunning Tramuntana mountain range in Mallorca.

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A magical hilltop windmill in the Alentejo region of Portugal.


A peaceful, attractive village natural pool in the heart of Portugal.


A water garden winning Gold at the Hampton Court Palace Flower Show, London.


A stunning eco pool designed by Daniel in Avelar, central Portugal.


A natural swimming pool is totally biological system with no need for chlorine or chemicals; it develops its own natural ecology and balanced eco-system by being designed and built in a certain way. When the balance is achieved the water is naturally clear like in a mountain lake.

The water surface is divided into a deep swimming zone and a shallow planted zone, the split is 50:50 between natural planting and swimming part although these proportions can be split in a multitude of ways to make use of available space. The two areas are separated by underwater walls which prevent soil and plants from spreading into the swimming zone; the walls finish just below water surface allowing water to circulate over the pool. 

Water plants create the right environment for microscopic zooplankton (they eat algae) to exist by providing a safe habitat. The amount of nutrients available is an important factor in water clarity; the pool is designed to have a very low nutrient level which prevents algae from forming, and combined with the filter system the water is kept crystal clear. In the filter layers organic matter is broken down removing nutrients from the water.

Water plants are beneficial as they:

1 release life giving oxygen into the water through photosynthesis during the day

2 provide a habitat for zooplankton that are part of a balanced eco system 

3 compete for nutrients with algae 

4 shade the water blocking sunlight from reaching algae 

Water clarity is achieved with a natural filtration system in which water is drawn mechanically through a fine granular media in the planted area; this is then circulated back into the pool via a waterfall, brook or underwater jets.

The water surface is cleaned by incorporating a pool skimmer at the pool edge; the skimmer sucks in floating debris such as leaves and dust; it is then periodically emptied by lifting out the skimmer basket.

It is important to remember that a natural swimming pool is a living environment with a finely balanced ecosystem that can be disturbed. Here are some simple rules to avoid an unbalance.

Fish are prohibited as they eat the beneficial zooplankton and their excretions increase the nutrient level. 

Ducks should be discouraged as they pollute the water and pull out the plants. 

Pets are banned as numerous bacteria can be found in their fur.

Although Sun screen lotion can form an iridescent film on the water surface, this will normally decompose overnight without harming the pool.